Case Studies

C300 - 410 - BFK Crossrail

Production of concrete segments to be used for the tunnelling as part of the high profile Crossrail Project. This project includes supplying exceptionally qualified concrete finishers to precast 250,000 segments each weighing 3.4 tonnes. It is essential that all works are completed with precision and accurateness to maintain the work at a high standard.

Neasden Depot Upgrade - Bam Nuttal

Assisting Bam Nuttall working for London Underground to undertake the upgrade of existing track and sheds, construction of new depot with competent labour ranging from Groundworkers, Concrete Finishers, Plant Operatives and safety critical staff.

Heathrow T3 - McGinley Infrastructure Services

TAG Construction Ltd are working in partnership with MIS, at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3, construction of a new baggage hall, TAG have undertaken, PQ concrete to airside slabs, reinforced concrete walls and floor slabs to the new baggage hall building. All staff members have been through the procedure to acquire Full Airside passes (Blue Passes) in order to work on site.

Cambridge Guided Busway (CBG)

  • The Cambridge Guided Busway is a dedicated bus route linking Cambridge with St. Ives.
  • CGB at 26km is the longest Guided Busway in the world.
  • The Guideway consists of a running surface with up stands which are used to keep the buses in the Guideway by means of small guide wheels attached to standard buses.
  • The Guideway is made up of sets of 15m long beams joined together with concrete spacers forming a ladder weighing 35tonne.
  • All of the concrete units were precast in a purpose built factory on site at Longstanton.
  • The client required uniquely tight tolerances which involved casting the 15m beams to a tolerance of 1mm.With each beam weighing 15tonne great care was needed when handling the precast units.
  • The whole operation required high specification equipment together with a highly trained workforce to successfully complete the contract.

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL)

  • CTRL is a rail tunnel that links the Channel Tunnel with St Pancras in London.
  • CTRL contract 250 consists of twin 5.3km long tunnels.
  • The tunnels are lined with precast tunnel lining rings.
  • The tunnel lining rings are 7.150 internal diameter x 300 thick x 1.5mwide.made up of 10 segments which are bolted together to form a complete ring.
  • 70,000 segments each weighing 3.2tonnes were required for CTRL250.
  • The segments were cast in a purpose built factory on site at Dagenham.
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete was batched on site and then poured into 210 No static moulds producing 105 No complete rings per week.
  • The segments were required to be accurate to 1mm so high precision moulds together with highly trained operatives were needed to successfully manufacture the segments.
  • After the casting process, the segments are moved to a storage yard for curing prior to being taken to the tunnel for erection behind a tunnel boring machine.

Honor Oak Park Station

TAG Construction Ltd undertook the works for AMCO in developing a new drainage system for Honour Oak Park Station upgrade.