Case Studies

FRC Works

BAM Nuttall - Marks Tey/Witham

Both projects included us constructing reinforced concrete bases for new footbridges over the National Rail lines to East Anglia.

Marks Tey was a complicated project consisting of supplying and fixing 87 tonne of reinforcement follwed by Formwork Shuttering of 843m2. Once prepped there was 600m3 of concrete placed within the bases. 

The project at Witham was scheduled to be completed within 7 weeks. This would consist of 92 tonne of steel, 934m2 of Formwork and 700m3 of concrete. Under a immense time restraint TAG went on to finish the 7 week programme within 4 weeks. This saved our client BAM Nuttal a requirement for a second possesion, saving them £100,000.

Bridges for both sites went on soon after we finished during the Christmas Possesions.

Bam Nuttall - Docklands Transfer Station Crossrail Contract 807

Formwork, Reinforcement and Concrete Works to New Storage and Recycling Facility.

Muck generated from excavation and boring of western running tunnels.

New Reinforced concrete roads, RC storage slabs.

3.5m high RC walls/Ramps for loading shovels to access conveyor belts to load muck on barges.

Skanska- Bramford Ipswich National Grid Sub Stn

Construction of GIB and GIS reinforced concrete bases. GIS power floated base slab, extension to building. GIB bases to carry new electrical equipment.

Amalgamated Construction, Nettlestead, Hildenborough, East Clandon. Network Rail Projects.

Construction of Reinforced Concrete beams for stabilisation to railway earthwork embankments.

Nettlestead- Construction of capping beam 240lm along face of sheet piles, capping beam tied into soil nails.

Hildenborough- Installation of filter drains at toe of railway embankment,Construction of new headwalls, over pumping of running surface water drains whilst headwalls being constructed.

East Clandon- Construction of reinforced concrete beam, 70lm’s x 2m high x 0.75m wide. Stabilise toe of railway embankment.

Breheny- Broadbridge Heath infrastructure Works

Construction of 4no reinforced concrete surface attenuation water tanks.

Each tank construction consisted of reinforced concrete base slabs, reinforced concrete walls, and roof slab. Within each tank drainage channels were installed and sloped concrete benching formed.

ISG- Leyton Lagoon Swimming Pool

Construction of reinforced concrete water retaining walls. TAG Constructed the walls to the perimeter of the new swimming pool. Walls were 45mtrs x 2.4m x 0.45m.

The project involved constructing 19 retaining walls at varying lengths, heights and widths.

Osborne Construction- M25 Jct 30

Construction of reinforced concrete capping beam to sheet piles. Beam length 60m x 0.5m x 0.8m. Soffit formwork and false work installed to construct and support beam.