Case Studies

Labour Supply

C300 - 410 - BFK Crossrail

Production of concrete segments to be used for the tunelling as part of the high profile Crossrail Project. This project includes suppluing exceptionally qualified concrete finishers to precast 250,000 segments each weighing 3.5 tonnes. It is is essential that all works are completed with precision and acurateness to mantain the work at a high standard.

Ferrovial - T2B Apron

In 2012 TAG Construction Ltd were awarded a contract to supply Pavement Quality (PQ) concrete labour to Heathrow Airports Tier 1 Contractor Ferrovial Agroman for applications ranging from taxiways to stands and piers around Terminal 2.

In conjunction with Ferrovial Agroman & Lafarge Tarmac, TAG Construction Ltd has recently completed the largest continual slipformed machine lay PQ pour ever carried out at Heathrow of 2,600m3 on Terminal T2B, a job that took 18 hours to complete.

TAG are authorised signatories by Heathrow Airport Limited to Supply Labour with Full Airside Passes.