M25 Manhole Bay Replacements

Sector: Highways
Client: Connect Plus Services (Skanska)
Main Contractor: Skanska
Project: M25 Manhole Bay Replacements
Works: Replacing MH Surround Slabs
Duration: 7 Weeks
Value: £130k

This scheme was part of the M25 Maintenance framework contract which TAG construction have been a part of for the last 4 years working with main contractors such as Skanska, Osbornes and Jacksons.

This particular scheme was to replace 6no PQ Concrete bays that had MH accesses integrated in to them on Saturday nights between 23:00 – 06:00. When these bays are replaced over night the working window is only 7 hours before we have to open the road back up to traffic. To ensure these works went without any issues TAG were employed to carry detailed out trials with Skanska.

Each bay was lifted out from the ground by vacuum method and removed from site. The steel reinforcement was placed and the manhole access frame and cover was reinstated before a rapid setting concrete was placed. The concrete was cured in covered tents with temperature controlled conditions.

Under challenging cold conditions these works went without any issues and the road was opened successfully each weekend to the public. The success of these works was down to the amount of pre works preparation that went into each shift and the experience TAG has in this sector of works.