M25 Resurfacing Concrete Bay Replacements

Sector: Formwork, Reinforcement & Concrete
Client: Connects Plus, SKANSKA, Osborne
Project: M25 Resurfacing Concrete Bay Replacements

The repair method involves utilising the first night time lane closure for saw cutting the concrete carriageway into sections which are lifted out and replaced the following night. This is done via our Vacuum Lifter; a whole bay is out within a matter of minutes. Dowel Holes are drilled using the EZ slab rider drill that has been designed for applications that call for optimum concrete drilling accuracy. It is an economical option requiring minimal set – up time. Drilling each bay only takes 5 minutes; traditional methods would take up to 1 hour.

The concrete is mixed in-situ and placed using one team per bay. The teams have had to learn to work with the material which acts very differently to normal concrete.

Conventional repairs and materials would take a minimum of 4 nights and 1 day to repair each bay. Using rapid cure concrete and our improved system we currently replace up to 2 bays per night with capacity to do more within the time frame.

The success of the bay lifting procedure using our vacuum lifter has had interest in other sectors such as aviation. We have successfully carried out trials for Ferrovial Agroman at Heathrow Airport which consisted of lifting 500mm deep PQ Slabs within the Taxi-Way and Apron areas.

The process was also trialled at London City Airport for Bay replacements with great success. Not only does it have the benefits mentioned above, it has also been greatly received by the residents around London City Airport for the reduction in noise pollution which the conventional breakout system generated.