Quebec Taxiway, Gatwick Airport

Client: Volker Fitzpatrick
Project: Quebec Taxiway – Gatwick Airport

The project at Gatwick Airport was to construct a new taxiway link and upgrade existing taxiways to support the use of the Airbus A380.

These works were carried out in an airside location at Gatwick Airport in phases changing between daytime and night time working shifts in close partnership with VolkerFitzpatrick.

The project included the following works to be fully managed and controlled by TAG Construction Ltd:

  • Installation of new 4000m2 Wet lean and PQ Concrete pavements.
  • Installation of 400m of new reinforced F900 Gatic slot drains and surrounds.
  • Form and construct 12no. new reinforced concrete catchpits.
  • Installation of new secondary ducting to AGLs within the pavement construction.
  • Upgrade of existing PQ concrete taxiways.
  • Precast and installed various reinforced concrete sign bases.

TAG were responsible for Management of the project from:

  • Planning, management and monitoring of all work carried out by TAG, including updating the programme & implementing temporary works designs.
  • Checking that all workers we employed have the skills, knowledge, training and experience to carry out the work also applying for Airside passes for all TAG Staff who were required airside.

By undertaking these key responsibilities and continuing to dedicate our time and efforts to various types of challenges presented we help our principle contractor with the delivery of the project which in turn aids for a more efficient project.