Stansted Airport – Divert Stand

Sector: Aviation
Client: Stansted Airport
Main Contractor: Galliford Try
Project: Divert Stand
Works: Construction of Aircraft Divert Stand

The project at Stansted Airport included the construction of a new Code 4E Aircraft Stand and Lead On/Off. The project included the following items completed by TAG Construction Ltd.

  • Installation of shuttering and formwork
  • Placement of 8500m2 of 175mm thick Dry lean concrete
  • Placement of 8000m2 of PQ Concrete
  • Prepare and Place Reinforced PQ Taxiway service crossings
  • Form a Channel for a new Gatic Slot drain

These works had to be carried out over a short period of time. The programme was achieved with time to spare. All of the concrete was hand laid.