Hammersmith Pumping Station – Thames Tideway (West)

Sector: Tunneling, Reinforcement & Concrete
Client: BAM, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty
Project: Hammersmith Pumping Station

Construction of Interception Chamber (FRC)

Works at the Hammersmith Pumping Station were for the BAM Nuttall, Morgan Sindall Balfour Beatty joint venture delivering the west section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel Works include:

  • Capping Beam
  • Wailing beam
  • Permanent and Temporary Props
  • West Side Slab
  • Wet Well Slab
  • Liner Walls
  • Internal walls
  • Walkways vertical duct
  • New Lintel Beams

Installing all rebar to above works and dowelling to Secant Piles and place blinding and permanent concrete.

Taxiway Refurbishment – London City Airport

Sector: Aviation
Client: London City Airport
Main Contractor: VolkerFitzpatrick
Works: Taxiway refurbishment

As part of the main taxiway rehabilitation project at London City Airport, TAG Construction and VolkerFitzpatrick were required to replace 2no taxiway links – Bravo and Charlie.

The main rehabilitation project was to replace and upgrade nearly 9000m2 of taxiway and associated services. For Bravo and Charlie these works were situated within the clear and graded area of the runway link. This meant that no excavation could be left open at the end of each shift. The total area for both links was 1400m2.

In order to maximise the use of the Saturday 24hr closure at City Airport the team put together a programme of works to replace sections of each taxiway link over 2 shifts in a 24hr period. This meant the replacement of up to 250m2 of 485mm taxiway in a 24hr period.

TAG’s expertise and experience in overnight bay replacements meant we were able to plan and execute a challenging programme of works that was very compact and demanding to complete in such a short space of time and to ensure the areas were handed back to operations with no issues. Each possession required the following works;

  • Saw cutting was carried out prior to the works to maximise the possession time
  • Vacuum lift out up to 250m2 of 300mm thick PQ concrete and cart away
  • Break out and remove up to 250m2 of 150mm thick lean concrete base
  • Excavate a further 60mm of sub base, trim and compact the formation
  • Install new primary and secondary AGL ducts in the required locations
  • Prepare bays, install shutter, install mesh reinforcement, drill and fix dowel bars
  • Place new PQ concrete 485mm thick and finish

The planning and collaboration between TAG, VolkerFitzpatrick and London City Airport made this challenging programme of works a success.

Quebec Taxiway, Gatwick Airport

Client: Volker Fitzpatrick
Project: Quebec Taxiway – Gatwick Airport

The project at Gatwick Airport was to construct a new taxiway link and upgrade existing taxiways to support the use of the Airbus A380.

These works were carried out in an airside location at Gatwick Airport in phases changing between daytime and night time working shifts in close partnership with VolkerFitzpatrick.

The project included the following works to be fully managed and controlled by TAG Construction Ltd:

  • Installation of new 4000m2 Wet lean and PQ Concrete pavements.
  • Installation of 400m of new reinforced F900 Gatic slot drains and surrounds.
  • Form and construct 12no. new reinforced concrete catchpits.
  • Installation of new secondary ducting to AGLs within the pavement construction.
  • Upgrade of existing PQ concrete taxiways.
  • Precast and installed various reinforced concrete sign bases.

TAG were responsible for Management of the project from:

  • Planning, management and monitoring of all work carried out by TAG, including updating the programme & implementing temporary works designs.
  • Checking that all workers we employed have the skills, knowledge, training and experience to carry out the work also applying for Airside passes for all TAG Staff who were required airside.

By undertaking these key responsibilities and continuing to dedicate our time and efforts to various types of challenges presented we help our principle contractor with the delivery of the project which in turn aids for a more efficient project.

M54 Bay Replacements – Area 9

Client: Kier Highways
Project: M54 Rapid Set Concrete Bay Replacements

TAG were contracted to carry out 40no bay replacements on the M54 Motorway between Junctions 3–2 eastbound over two 48 hour weekend possessions.

As part of the project build up TAG assisted with the design, planning and risk
mitigation for the works to ensure minimal disruption to the local area.

Originally the scope was to replace 30no bays on 4weeks of weeknight
closures however with ECI TAG’s expertise allowed open planning to ensure
TAG were able replace 40no bays for nearly half the cost over a much shorter
period resulting in reduced impact on the local area and cost saving on TM,
Supervision and overheads whilst removing the risk of overrun to rush hour

  • As part of the package of works TAG supplied and managed all of the
    required resources apart from the road closure including the following;
  • Supervision and management of the works.
  • All Labour, Plant and Equipment, floor saws, coring
  • Specialist sub-contractors and sweepers
  • Waste Disposal, grabs and artics
  • On site Welfare facilities and lighting
  • Specialist Fast Setting concrete Volumetric trucks
  • On and off site testing of sub base and concrete

M20 Junction 10a – Improvement Scheme

Client: Vinci/Taylor Woodrow
Project: M20 Junction 10a – Improvement Scheme

The M20 is an international route and is used by large volumes of heavy goods and holiday traffic. The scheme to improve the M20 by constructing a new junction. The new junction 10A will include a roundabout over the motorway, new slip roads and a new link road to the A2070, with traffic signals on parts of the junction and two 3-lane bridges. The scheme includes the removal of the slip roads at the existing junction 10 and the construction of new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the M20, demolishing the existing Highfield Lane Bridge.

As part of the package of works TAG supplied and managed all of the required resources apart from the road closure including the following;

  • Delivering the Reinforced Concrete elements of the structures
  • Lifting and installation of the precast parapet units on the two interchange structures and the precast bridge beams on the two Lacton slip road structures
  • CFA pile break down and trimming using hydraulic croppers
  • Fixing of all reinforcement and couplers
  • Supply and installation of all formwork including F6 feature finish abutment form
  • The placing of all blinding and structural concrete using skips and pumps to all elements
  • The procurement and supply of all temporary works designs and design checks for our works including stability analysis
  • The supply and management of all access to height using a combination of proprietary systems and tube and fitting
  • Installation of polysulphide sealant to joints between precast elements

Stansted Airport – Divert Stand

Sector: Aviation
Client: Stansted Airport
Main Contractor: Galliford Try
Project: Divert Stand
Works: Construction of Aircraft Divert Stand

The project at Stansted Airport included the construction of a new Code 4E Aircraft Stand and Lead On/Off. The project included the following items completed by TAG Construction Ltd.

  • Installation of shuttering and formwork
  • Placement of 8500m2 of 175mm thick Dry lean concrete
  • Placement of 8000m2 of PQ Concrete
  • Prepare and Place Reinforced PQ Taxiway service crossings
  • Form a Channel for a new Gatic Slot drain

These works had to be carried out over a short period of time. The programme was achieved with time to spare. All of the concrete was hand laid.

SAT 1 & SAT 2 Stand Reconfiguration

Sector: Civils
Client: Galliford Try
Main Contractor: Stansted Airport
Project: SAT 1 & SAT 2 Stand Reconfiguration

The project at Stansted Airport included the Replacement of Existing PQ bays and construction of new reinforced Concrete bases and Chambers on the main Apron stands Airside. The project included the following items completed by TAG Construction Ltd.

  • Installation of shuttering and formwork
  • Placement of 500m2 of 175mm thick Wet lean concrete
  • Placement of 2500m2 of PQ Concrete
  • Prepare and Place Reinforced FEGP and SEGS bases
  • Construction of a new large reinforced concrete Inspection chamber

These works had to be carried out and handed back in short possessions.

Bexhill to Hastings Link Road – Gabion Retaining Walls

Sector: Civils
Client: Taylor Wood
Main Contractor: Taylor Woodrow/Hochtief JV
Project: Bexhill to Hastins Link Road
Works: Gabion Retaining Walls

This project was to Replace circa 465mtrs of gabion retaining walls between 1mtr and 3mtrs high and 7no sections of the highway and walkways. Due to the dangers of excavating on a steep embankment precautious methods had to be adopted to ensure the safety of the operatives carrying out the works.

The client had a tight programme to achieve which was completed ahead of the original programme and on the original budget. TAG and the Taylor Woodrow / Hochtief site teams worked closely to ensure the works minimised disruption to the local highways and walkways.

TAG Supplied all necessary labour, plant and welfare facilities to carry out the replacement works as a package.

M25 Resurfacing Concrete Bay Replacements

Sector: Formwork, Reinforcement & Concrete
Client: Connects Plus, SKANSKA, Osborne
Project: M25 Resurfacing Concrete Bay Replacements

The repair method involves utilising the first night time lane closure for saw cutting the concrete carriageway into sections which are lifted out and replaced the following night. This is done via our Vacuum Lifter; a whole bay is out within a matter of minutes. Dowel Holes are drilled using the EZ slab rider drill that has been designed for applications that call for optimum concrete drilling accuracy. It is an economical option requiring minimal set – up time. Drilling each bay only takes 5 minutes; traditional methods would take up to 1 hour.

The concrete is mixed in-situ and placed using one team per bay. The teams have had to learn to work with the material which acts very differently to normal concrete.

Conventional repairs and materials would take a minimum of 4 nights and 1 day to repair each bay. Using rapid cure concrete and our improved system we currently replace up to 2 bays per night with capacity to do more within the time frame.

The success of the bay lifting procedure using our vacuum lifter has had interest in other sectors such as aviation. We have successfully carried out trials for Ferrovial Agroman at Heathrow Airport which consisted of lifting 500mm deep PQ Slabs within the Taxi-Way and Apron areas.

The process was also trialled at London City Airport for Bay replacements with great success. Not only does it have the benefits mentioned above, it has also been greatly received by the residents around London City Airport for the reduction in noise pollution which the conventional breakout system generated.

Portsmouth Road Cycle Lane Upgrade

Sector: Highways
Client: Kingston Borough and TFL (Kier Highways LoHAC)
Main Contractor: Kier Highways
Project: Portsmouth Road Cycle lane upgrade
Works: Construction of new Reinforced Retaining walls and staircases

This scheme was part of the cycle highway project for TFL where a social riverside area was to be re-developed for Kingston Borough Council. It was constructed on two sites both offering garden areas for local residents to enjoy at their leisure.

Working for Kier Highways, TAG construction were awarded the tender to construct over 500mtrs of reinforced decorative concrete retaining walls, cast 7no large concrete staircases with stainless steel hand rails, create 4no Cumaru timber decking seating areas, install over 100 metres of pedestrian guardrails and to supply and install many other decorative furniture items.

These works were carried out alongside the groundworks contractor in very challenging conditions. To ensure these works were delivered efficiently and safely TAG developed a good working relationship with the groundworks contractor and Kier site management.

TAG worked very closely with Kier Highways to overcome many challenges that arose from the scheme to deliver a high quality end product for the local area to enjoy.