Taxiway Refurbishment – London City Airport

Sector: Aviation
Client: London City Airport
Main Contractor: VolkerFitzpatrick
Works: Taxiway refurbishment

As part of the main taxiway rehabilitation project at London City Airport, TAG Construction and VolkerFitzpatrick were required to replace 2no taxiway links – Bravo and Charlie.

The main rehabilitation project was to replace and upgrade nearly 9000m2 of taxiway and associated services. For Bravo and Charlie these works were situated within the clear and graded area of the runway link. This meant that no excavation could be left open at the end of each shift. The total area for both links was 1400m2.

In order to maximise the use of the Saturday 24hr closure at City Airport the team put together a programme of works to replace sections of each taxiway link over 2 shifts in a 24hr period. This meant the replacement of up to 250m2 of 485mm taxiway in a 24hr period.

TAG’s expertise and experience in overnight bay replacements meant we were able to plan and execute a challenging programme of works that was very compact and demanding to complete in such a short space of time and to ensure the areas were handed back to operations with no issues. Each possession required the following works;

  • Saw cutting was carried out prior to the works to maximise the possession time
  • Vacuum lift out up to 250m2 of 300mm thick PQ concrete and cart away
  • Break out and remove up to 250m2 of 150mm thick lean concrete base
  • Excavate a further 60mm of sub base, trim and compact the formation
  • Install new primary and secondary AGL ducts in the required locations
  • Prepare bays, install shutter, install mesh reinforcement, drill and fix dowel bars
  • Place new PQ concrete 485mm thick and finish

The planning and collaboration between TAG, VolkerFitzpatrick and London City Airport made this challenging programme of works a success.

Stansted Airport – Divert Stand

Sector: Aviation
Client: Stansted Airport
Main Contractor: Galliford Try
Project: Divert Stand
Works: Construction of Aircraft Divert Stand

The project at Stansted Airport included the construction of a new Code 4E Aircraft Stand and Lead On/Off. The project included the following items completed by TAG Construction Ltd.

  • Installation of shuttering and formwork
  • Placement of 8500m2 of 175mm thick Dry lean concrete
  • Placement of 8000m2 of PQ Concrete
  • Prepare and Place Reinforced PQ Taxiway service crossings
  • Form a Channel for a new Gatic Slot drain

These works had to be carried out over a short period of time. The programme was achieved with time to spare. All of the concrete was hand laid.

SAT 1 & SAT 2 Stand Reconfiguration

Sector: Civils
Client: Galliford Try
Main Contractor: Stansted Airport
Project: SAT 1 & SAT 2 Stand Reconfiguration

The project at Stansted Airport included the Replacement of Existing PQ bays and construction of new reinforced Concrete bases and Chambers on the main Apron stands Airside. The project included the following items completed by TAG Construction Ltd.

  • Installation of shuttering and formwork
  • Placement of 500m2 of 175mm thick Wet lean concrete
  • Placement of 2500m2 of PQ Concrete
  • Prepare and Place Reinforced FEGP and SEGS bases
  • Construction of a new large reinforced concrete Inspection chamber

These works had to be carried out and handed back in short possessions.

Heathrow Airport – N6 RET Taxiway Reconstruction

Sector: Aviation
Client: Heathrow Airport Ltd (Morgan Sindall)
Main Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Project: N6 RET Taxiway Reconstruction
Works: Reconstruction of a defective concrete taxiway

These works were part of a scheme to reconstruct a defective rapid exit taxiway linking the main November taxiway to the Southern runway.

Working for Morgan Sindall, TAG construction were employed to carry out the following works as a sub contract package where TAG were responsible for the management and supervision of all works, deliveries, muck away, transportation of operatives and logistics airside to carry out the works below.

Replace 56no PQ Concrete bays. This involved saw cutting and removal of 56no bays where the concrete was taken off site for recycling. The bays had to be cleaned out, repaired using a high spec pre mixed mortar and re-screeded to provide a flat suitable consistent surface for placing the new bays.

Replace the bays pouring and finishing 900m3 of new F6 PQ Concrete to the specific airside specification.

The second part of the scheme was to reconstruct a Rapid Exit Taxiway link. These works involved trimming and compacting the type 1 sub base ready for the concrete pavement. Installation of specific profiled formwork. Pouring 1500m3 of new reinforced PQ concrete pavement over 20no 30mtr x 6mtr bays.

TAG also carried out the reinstatement of the taxiway drainage which included pre-casting 3no new concrete drainage F900 catch pits, installing these catch pits on site and connecting them to the existing drainage carrier drains. TAG Also had to construct a new reinforced concrete base and lay new F900 clearway slot channels with a concrete surround to the taxiway.

These works were carried out over nights and days.

Throughout the duration of the scheme TAG also supplied labour to the main site including specifically training airside taxiway crossing controllers.

Heathrow Airport – Taxiway Reconstruction

Sector: Aviation
Client: Morgan Sindall
Main Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Project: Heathrow Airport – Taxiway Reconstruction

Scheme 22 works

  • 56no PQ Concrete Bay Replacements
  • Repairs to existing Wet lean layer
  • Local concrete repairs

N6 RET Works

  • Grade and compact type sub base
  • Install profiled formwork
  • Place steel reinforcement
  • Pour new 400mm thick PQ Concrete pavement
  • Precast and install new concrete catch pits
  • Install new slot channel drainage

TAG Managed their airside access and passes for this scheme. TAG also supplied a variety of labour to Morgan Sindall for other site works throughout the project.