Hammersmith Pumping Station – Thames Tideway (West)

Sector: Tunneling, Reinforcement & Concrete
Client: BAM, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty
Project: Hammersmith Pumping Station

Construction of Interception Chamber (FRC)

Works at the Hammersmith Pumping Station were for the BAM Nuttall, Morgan Sindall Balfour Beatty joint venture delivering the west section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel Works include:

  • Capping Beam
  • Wailing beam
  • Permanent and Temporary Props
  • West Side Slab
  • Wet Well Slab
  • Liner Walls
  • Internal walls
  • Walkways vertical duct
  • New Lintel Beams

Installing all rebar to above works and dowelling to Secant Piles and place blinding and permanent concrete.

Quebec Taxiway, Gatwick Airport

Client: Volker Fitzpatrick
Project: Quebec Taxiway – Gatwick Airport

The project at Gatwick Airport was to construct a new taxiway link and upgrade existing taxiways to support the use of the Airbus A380.

These works were carried out in an airside location at Gatwick Airport in phases changing between daytime and night time working shifts in close partnership with VolkerFitzpatrick.

The project included the following works to be fully managed and controlled by TAG Construction Ltd:

  • Installation of new 4000m2 Wet lean and PQ Concrete pavements.
  • Installation of 400m of new reinforced F900 Gatic slot drains and surrounds.
  • Form and construct 12no. new reinforced concrete catchpits.
  • Installation of new secondary ducting to AGLs within the pavement construction.
  • Upgrade of existing PQ concrete taxiways.
  • Precast and installed various reinforced concrete sign bases.

TAG were responsible for Management of the project from:

  • Planning, management and monitoring of all work carried out by TAG, including updating the programme & implementing temporary works designs.
  • Checking that all workers we employed have the skills, knowledge, training and experience to carry out the work also applying for Airside passes for all TAG Staff who were required airside.

By undertaking these key responsibilities and continuing to dedicate our time and efforts to various types of challenges presented we help our principle contractor with the delivery of the project which in turn aids for a more efficient project.

Bells & Mocketts Pumping Station

Sector: FRC
Client: Breheny Civil Engineering Ltd
Project: Bells and Mocketts Pumping Station

The project consisted of construction of a Spillway, Concrete Slabs, Walls, Capping Beams and Weed Dumping Slab. This consisted of pouring blinding and back blinding to walls and slabs. Fix Rebar to slabs, beams and walls. Then form formwork and temporary works to slabs. Finish with Concrete. Work was carried out to the programme and budget.

A406 Superscheme

Sector: Specialist Highways
Client: TFL
Main Contractor: Conway AECOM
Project: A406 Superscheme
Works: Replacement of RC retaining wall, refurbishment of Neasden Iron bridge deck and parapet foundations

The Neasden Superscheme was divided into three phases. 1) Dog Lane retaining wall replacement – remove acoustic barrier and existing VRS, saw cut and breakout of the carriageway, partial demolition of the existing RC retaining wall, repair to the construction joint, reinstatement of a new RC retaining wall. 2) Neasden Iron Bridge refurbishment – remove existing steel parapet, saw cut and breakout VRS foundations, breakout and remove existing bridge deck mass fill, refurbish bearing shelf access chambers, reinstall new RC VRS foundations with water main carrier, reinstall new deck mass fill to revised levels, breakout and replace RC abutment retaining wall and expansion joint 3) Dog Lane Arches – breakout existing VRS foundations, replace with new RC foundations including water main carrier, remediate back-of-arch drainage, repoint and repair cracks to brick parapet.

Other works included attendance to Thames Water for breakout and excavation, light column bases, duct installation and reinstatement of paving flags.

River Mole Bridge

Sector: Highways
Client: Breheny Civil Engineering
Project: River Mole Bridge

The main structure consists of a new bridge spanning the River Mole. RC elements include pilecaps, wingwalls, a central pier with bearing plinths and radius ends and abutments with bearing shelves and retaining walls. The main span was formed with precast beams, insitu diaphragms, insitu deck topping over GRP permanent formwork and insitu cantilever parapets, the second span was formed with an insitu deck on falsework poured around anchored EPS void formers.

TAG Construction Ltd were responsible for all formwork, reinforcement and concrete elements of the structure, including all temporary works designs and supply of temporary works, void former installation, permanent GRP formwork installation, movement and moment joint installation. The works followed a detailed programme produced by TAG to allow for successful sequential completion of the structure.

Blackfriars – BT Baynards House

Sector: Formwork, Reinforcement & Concrete – Marine
Client: BAM Nuttall
Main Contractor:
Project: BT Maynards House

Baynards House (BT) for BAM Nuttall. Construction of a new water tight RC chamber around an existing tunnel carrying water cooling pipes. Construction of a sheet pile capping beam, precast flood protection cover slab and new inlet bellmouth surround. Working within a main cofferdam and a secondary cofferdam down through the Thames riverbed. Working generally from barges and within the cofferdam with manrider access only.

Holland Park Villas

Sector: Formwork, Reinforcement & Concrete
Client: Brookfield Multiplex
Main Contractor:
Project: Holland Park Villas
Project Address: Holland Park Villas, Campden Hill Road, London, W8

Enabling works and ongoing civils works, Holland Park Villas for Brookfield Multiplex. Testing and muckaway of existing spoil. Import, place and compact of Type 6 and Type 1. Construction of a new RC retaining wall, fill and blacktop pavement for access. Ongoing works include general repairs to the building RC frame, excavation for utilities, provision and installation of a roof edge protection fall restraint system, plant plinths, RC upstands and demolition of the welfare block support steelwork.

Harrow Road Parapet Repair

Sector: Specialist Highways
Client: TFL
Main Contractor: FM Conway
Project: Harrow Road Hybrid Parapet Repairs
Works: Contract to remove and replace steel vehicle restraint parapet and concrete repairs

TAG Construction Ltd were contracted to supply and replace approximately 140m of galvanized vehicle restraint parapet, including repairs to the concrete where existing cast-in ferrous metalwork had corroded, damaging surrounding areas. Existing steelwork was removed, the damaged concrete sections were broken out, shuttered and repaired using a C40 concrete incorporating new stainless holding down bolts. This included a detailed survey of existing steelwork lengths and the supply of all materials. Much of the work was carried out at height in conjunction with a rope access platform team. The project was split into two phases with a very tight programme along with additional concrete repairs to other sections of parapet.

Bexhill to Hastings Link Road (B2HLR)

Sector: Formwork, Reinforcement and Concrete (FRC)
Client: East Sussex Highways
Main Contractor: HOCHTIEF Taylor Woodrow JV
Project: Bexhill to Hastings Link Road (B2HLR)
Works: Greenways structures

TAG Construction Ltd were contracted to construct the greenway route bridge pilecaps, abutments and wingwalls. Works were carried out flood plains over rivers with associated safety and environmental hazards controlled. RC retaining walls were required between various structures to retain the backfill beneath the new road, including plinths and HD bolts for a new VRS. Culvert headwalls and wingwalls were constructed around precast culvert sections. TAG also provided the customer with skilled labour for various repairs and remediation to other concrete elements on the project.

Chinese Gateway

Sector: Formwork, Reinforcement and Concrete (FRC)
Client: Westminster City Council
Main Contractor: FM Conway
Project: Chinese Gates, Wardour Street
Works: Greenway structures, retaining wall and culvert headwalls and wingwalls

TAG Construction Ltd were contracted to construct the new RC pilecaps and concrete encasement to the new Chinatown gateway steel structure. The pilecaps included a cast-in element of the lower portion of the steelwork. The concrete encasement included various features to the corners of the columns. TAG were responsible for all temporary works design and installation, including decks to support cross beams upto the top of the structure approximately 10m above street level. The works were completed on time in a challenging site on Wardour Street