Anti Slavery

We believe that slavery certainly did not end with its official abolition in the 19th century. We believe that almost every country in the world experiences this practice in one form or another even today. From factories and sweatshops that work towards mass production, children and adults alike being forced to work in agriculture, there are many different ways that this issue plagues today’s society.

At Tag Construction Ltd, we firmly believe that all of us have a social responsibility to be aware of the risks of slavery, however small these might be. We want to be aware of it within our business, and the wider supply chain that we utilise. At Tag Construction Ltd, we expect our employees to be aware of and adhere to the guidance that is stated in our anti-slavery policy.

The Different Characteristics of Slavery

When compared to other human rights violations, there are several characteristics that we can use to distinguish slavery from many of the others. These include the following:

Restrictions placed on freedom of movement or physical constraints

People being bought and sold as ‘property’ or treated as a commodity.

Controlled or ‘owned’ through physical or mental abuse. Also, the threat of abuse.

Being forced to work, through a physical or mental threat.

At Tag Construction Ltd, we are never going to accept human trafficking; forced labour, child slavery; or bonded labour. There are many different forms of slavery available that may have at least one or more of the aforementioned restrictions.

At Tag Construction Ltd, we commit ourselves to act with integrity in all our business relationships and treat one another ethically. We make sure that we implement systems, where practical and possible, to ensure that human trafficking and slavery does not take place in any part of our supply chain. We make sure that within the communities we are involved in, there is no place for slavery to grow or even hide. We make sure that we do not utilize any partner within our supply chain that may have a partner of their own where slavery is an issue.

To make sure that our staff understands the risks of human trafficking and modern slavery, all relevant members of staff are provided training to ensure that this does not go unnoticed.

In Conclusion

Let us be clear; at Tag Construction Ltd, we have a zero tolerance policy towards human trafficking and slavery. Furthermore, we expect that all our partners within our supply chain and our contractors share and comply with our values.