Health & Safety

At TAG Construction Ltd, we want to ensure that the health, welfare, and safety of both TAG Construction’s employees, our customers and everybody involved is of paramount concern. This includes all our different stakeholders and members of the general public.

We don’t just magically have a good record of safety performance or high standards of health and safety management; this is something that TAG Construction Ltd works very hard to achieve. This means a rigorous and disciplined approach towards safety in everything we do. This also means that we continuously strive to improve our health and safety management in a number of different ways.

A Safe Culture

At TAG Construction Ltd, we promote a culture that allows our workers to operate with, “Safety in Mind”. We do not expect anyone to undertake unsafe work. If a staff member refuses to work because it is unsafe, they have our personal support in doing so.

We make sure that we do not accept unsafe conditions for anyone. There is no fear of retribution when TAG Construction staff members speak out about potential concerns. They are encouraged to voice their problems and opinions openly and fairly.

Safety in Mind

TAG Construction Ltd understands that accidents are going to happen anywhere humans work. However, we believe that the level of risk should be as low as reasonably practicable. This means that we develop safe methods of work and risk assessments to reduce all potential damage to the environment and property by complying with all the relevant industry and legislation standards. Because our workspace is continuously changing, we believe that we also need to continue to work very hard towards improvement in occupational health and safety.

To Challenge

TAG Construction Ltd ensures that we challenge both our company and our managers with our health and safety objectives. We then monitor our objectives against health and safety objections elsewhere. We do not believe that we should promote business objectives above health and safety objectives. Not only are we going to work towards safeguarding all involved parties, we also expect the same from any stakeholder that we are going to work with at any given time.

At TAG Construction Ltd, we know that we cannot realize health and safety standards without the support of our entire network. We know that each of us has a responsibility to work towards promoting health and safety, regardless of which site we work at or any other elements that prove beyond our control. Health and safety is part of our philosophy and has helped us protect our people for the past three generations. We are proud to report that we have not had any RIDDORS in the company for over 7 consecutive years.