Formwork, Reinforcement & Concrete

At TAG Construction, we deliver civil engineering and building projects in a safe, efficient and value driven manner. Our clients rely on our construction work which is of an exceptional high standard. We undertake all reinforced concrete works and strive to deliver quality services and solutions, on budget, on time and most importantly, safely. We have a vast wealth of experience within Tag Construction and we are continually applying our expertise to ever more challenging reinforced concrete works.

TAG have also recently, with the experience of our Tunnelling FRC Contracts Manager tender for bespoke works packages for secondary lining and associated tunnelling works.

We offer Value Engineering with a creative, team-based approach which allows the generation of alternatives to the existing proposal with a view to cost saving.

We operate a flexible and open-minded approach to initial reference/outline design. This approach is also adopted as work progresses and we try to anticipate on-site problems and make a proactive response.

We provide flexible temporary works designs both in house and retained industry wide consultants.

Furthermore we take on responsibility for procurement of bespoke plant and equipment.

We offer:

Temporary works solutions to protect existing structures, with e.g. underpinning techniques.

Earth works solutions, e.g. slope stabilisation and excavation support

Tower crane foundations and mats for mobile cranes and piling rigs

Formwork and falsework design.

Site hoardings and signboards.

Jacking, sliding and lifting schemes.

Some of our current projects include:

Highways and Bridge Structure Construction

Retaining walls.

Sheet piled concrete façade

Traditional RC (reinforced concrete)

Ground beams

Pile caps

Capping beams

Gabion walling installation and updating/refurbishment

Bridge reconstruction/repairs

Working with developers to provide infrastructure solutions to large and small developments

Liaison with planning authorities, ecologists and geotechnical consultants

Bespoke FRC solutions in particularly aggressive environments, e.g. tidal retaining walls requiring temporary submerged formwork / designed concrete mixes

Sensitive infrastructure works requiring specific FRC specifications to prevent damage from terrorism, impact from heavy vehicles, challenging geotechnical ground conditions and contaminated / hazardous material removal and disposal

Formwork traditional & sacrificial, e.g. Pecafil where appropriate and cost & time benefits